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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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very interactive at the highest levels. >> i like that. >> that does it for us. we're going to stop interacting now. stephanie ruhle -- >> i wanted to ask mike what he learned today. >> nothing. >> good. we'll try again tomorrow. >> a good use of time. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage. >> i hope mike watches and can learn something now. hi, there. i'm stephanie ruhle. we have a lot to cover. election 2016. it's not over yet. donald trump lobbing an explosive and totally unsun stantiated claim that millions voted illegally, alleging fraud in three key states. this as the wisconsin recount effort gets under way this morning, and pennsylvania's deadline for a recount is today. team trump firing back. >> this is a total and complete hypocritical joke. >> so confounding and disappointing. >> public feud. kellyanne conway takes her opposition to mitt romney as secretary of state to the
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airwaves. >> i'm all for party unity, but i'm not sure we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position. >> exclusive new reporting this morning. trump himself is furious at conway. >> and the long goob. fidel castro's public memorial beginning now. thousands lining up to pay their respects. >> i was in shock because i really didn't expect that news. >> as cuba and america grapple with this question -- what's next? we will tick you live to havana, but we're going to begin with the extraordinary developments surrounding an election recount which now seems like it will go forward in at least one state. in less than a week, green party candidate jill stein raised enough money to get the wheels turning in wisconsin, and she's pushing for recounts in michigan and pennsylvania as well. those are important states. president-elect trump responded in his favorite way, with a tweet storm. blasting stein and the clinton campaign, which is now backing the effort. trump then seemed to undermine his entire case by questioning
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the election, the election that he won. the election's integrity, first tweeting this. quote, in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. then alleging serious voter fraud in new hampshire, virginia, and california. so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias, big problem, according to president-elect trump. we're going to do reporter. hallie jackson and host and political correspondent steve kornacki join me now. this is a wow. let's start with where is donald trump coming from on this? >> sort of step back, big picture. she seems to be irritated by this recount from jill stein, the green party candidate. it seems like that is what is triggering it. did he win the popular vote? there seems to be a sense he's lashing out at some of those facts or points that are made by jill stein and hillary clinton's campaign lawyers. we saw this, remember, during
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the general election, that he was trying to delegitimize some of the underpinnings of democracy in a way that votes happen. the issue here is there's no proof to what he's talking about, and his transition team hasn't offered proof. he himself has not offered proof. he has not come out and taking questions for the proof he has for the millions of votes he's saying are cast illegally. >> since he won the election, he's been completely quiet on this. to say now, voter fraud in virginia, california. we haven't heard any of this in the last few weeks. >> i think what hallie is saying is true. clearly, this has gotten under his skin, the recount effort in wisconsin and all of the talk out there about the popular vote and the fact it looks like when the popular vote is all added up, he's going to lose the popular vote. a symbolic thing, make that clear, but he is going to lose the popular vote by about 2.5 million votes. i don't think he likes the image that puts out there, so now he's trying to cast doubt on that margin and say, hey, i think what the claim here, he's not
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spelling this out. this is something that's been making noise on the right for the last few weeks, but the claim behind what donald trump is tweeting out there is non-citizens, undocumented illegal immigrants, are registering to vote in these states, their citizenship status is not verified. this is the claim circulating on the right and those voters are disproportionately going to vote against donald trump, going to vote for the democrat. he's making a very sweeping claim that is not backed up by any hard data or information. it's out there. >> and even if it was, we don't know how these people would have voted. but to the recount, like in the state of wisconsin, this isn't about a popular vote. if we're talking pennsylvania, this is about the electoral vote. now, could things actually swing here? >> right, because you make a very good point that i think we need to remember. recounts are state by state. athizeler n there's not a national recount. >> important states. >> very key states. likelihood, right, this is
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something where if you look at the odds, they're extraordinarily slim. number one, just because of the numbers. when you look at number of recounts that have happened in state-wide general elections, fair vote said there were like 4700 in 15 years, of those, 27 had recounts, and of those, three flipped the result. here's the thing. even if, let's say, in one of these states, maybe michigan, where the margin is closest, something happened and there were 10,000, 12,000 votes flipped the other direction and wisconsin goes for hillary clinton. she would still need the other two counts where recounts are possible in order to have any -- make any difference here. the idea that anything is going to change is very, very slim. >> donald trump isn't just tweeting about this. the trump campaign has been tweeting about a lot of things. kellyanne conway speaking out against mitt romney. we heard last week mike huckabee saying it's all about loyalty. kellyanne conway herself has said loyalty is currency to
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mr. trump. i want to share what she said. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney, who went out of his way to question the character and the intellect and integrity of donald trump now our president-elect would be given the most significant cabinet post of all, secretary of state. >> okay. people are saying kellyanne conway has gone rogue here. donald trump is furious. hold on a second. kellyanne conway's middle name is strategy. she has said from the get-go, loyalty to mr. trump is everything. if that's the case, should we believe she's going rogue, or is this part of a general trump plan or at the very least, steve bannon's? >> go ahead. >> jump ball on that one. i do think there's a little bit of a he said/she said. reports that top transition aides say the president-elect is furious. on the other hand, you say kellyanne conway saying that's false and sexist that those reports are out there.
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clearly, what we're seeing right now in the transition is what we saw the entire campaign of donald trump, which is internal infighting spilling out publicly. factions created in the team that people cede what they cede and get reported what they want reported because of these factions created and the infighting occurring. that's consistent with what we saw for the last 18 months with donald trump. >> or is this donald trump's secret sauce in that he publicly tested things out, sees how it plays. that was jared kushner's m.o. during the campaign, see how things go in a rally? by doing this, what do people really think about mitt romney, what do they really think about rudy giuliani, because all those moderates who heard names like giuliani, they felt like, maybe donald trump doesn't know foreign policy, but mitt does. is this a way to figure out what is more important? >> trump does like to have factions at odds with each other
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within his inner circle. but kellyanne conway said something interesting. she slipped into the answers on "meet the press" that caught my ear. she didn't just talk about mitt romney. she specifically said mitt romney and his top consultants. it got me thinking, within that world of political consultants, kellyanne conway was outside the club, the club around mitt romney, been around the republican presidential candidates for a long time. she was sort of outside this club. she got this assignment. she ran the trump campaign while the members of the club took shots at the campaign. talked about how stupid the strategy was, how they were headed for certain defeat. she's looking up and saying not only did we win, we won states they could never won. we won michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin. i did something that they never could do. >> she did. >> i think there is a thing here. i suspect this is just reading
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her answer yesterday,athi there personal thing where it's like, hey, look. i won. i did what they couldn't do. now their guy is going to get the plum job? not if i have anything to say about it. >> we're watching it play out. we probably shouldn't guess what's behind it, because so many of us, including me, we got it wrong. but they're pretty clever. thank you both very much. >> this just in. guess what? donald trump tweeted. quote, if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban american people and the u.s. as a whole i will terminate the deal. there you go. you wondered what was going to happen to cuban-american relations with president-elect trump. he may have told you. we'r gng to take you to cuba where a memorial for the legendary and controversial leader fidel castro is just getting under way. moment ago, a 21-gun salute kicked off this nine-day period of mourning following castro's death friday night.
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you're looking right now at live images of thousands of people who are expected to pay respects at revolution plaza where his ashes will remain for the next two days. in havana, gabe gutierrez, talk to us about the scene. somber, surely? >> we just heard the 21-gun salute and we have been seeing people lined up here in revolution square throughout the morning. just being let in now. not only are they here to offer condolences but they're also signing a ledger pledging loyalty to the revolution. now, of course, this is a very emotional day in cuba for this iconic and controversial leader from around the world. we're in the period of nine days of official mourning here, and today, tomorrow as well, a large public memorial here, and then castro's ashes will be led by military escort throughout the countryside, and he's expected to be buried on sunday.
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>> thank you, gabe. we're going to stay on cuba, when we return, what happens next all comes down to two people. raul castro and donald trump. will there be more openness between the two countries or less? plus, much more on the recount coming up, including a close confidante of hillary clinton, nera tandem. just how involved is the clinton campaign? i'm victoria alonso and i'm an executive producer at...
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scores of cubans are paying respects to fidel castro right now. they're gathering at havana's revolution plaza where her ashes will remain for the next two days. it's part of a nunn-day mourning for castro. joining me now, sol adu soledad
6:15 am
and former ambassador to the united nations, bill richards. soledad, part of your family fled cuba under castro's reign. what does it mean to you? >> for me, it was more what did it mean to my mom, who grew up under batista and when she was older, was under the castro regime. i think she was glad that he's dead, like many cubans. i mean, like really glad he was dead, but also understood the nuance in the difference of how many afro-cubans feel about fidel castro and what he brought to the island in addition to being horrific dictator, he also made some big social changes. and i think that she, like many people, sort of get caught up in this nuance in a discussion where many people think of fidel castro as very binary. he was evil or he did this. there's sort of both things to consider if you want to fully understand what he did in cuba and why some people still even as they dislike him, appreciate
6:16 am
some of the things he did, which sounds bizarre, because of course, he was a brutal dictator, but it's a complicating emotion. >> you have helped negotiate the release of cuban hostages. you have worked with fidel castro. now that his brother raul is really the only one there, do we think anything will change come 2018? he'll no longer be in power. >> well, it remains to be seen. my view is that raul is now a bit unshackled by fidel, who did not want much change. he did not want much democracy and as soledad's family knows, repression and human rights abuses. but i think raul is a little more modern. he did establish this new relationship with president obama. he's done some moves towards privatization, private property. very small democratic proves. i think they still have to do a lot more on human rights. but my view is he will not be as dogmatic as his brother.
6:17 am
now, if donald trump fulfills what he says he's going to do, tighten the relationship, i think this is going to hurt human rights. it's going to hurt travel of cuban americans back and forth to the island. it's going to hurt remittances. it's going to hurt tourism. people-to-people exchanges, which i think are healthy for the relationship. >> do you think that's what we'll get? if you look at the reaction immediately, president obama's was quite diplomatic, where he said history will let it play out. donald trump leading with fidel is dead, and gave a harsh statement. do you think we could see all of this reverse? >> who knows, because he tweeted it, because it's a strange thing to do. to tweet your negotiations with -- i mean, that's bizarre. let's just all agree, that's bizarre. so i have no idea. you know, if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people and the cuban-american people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate the deal.
6:18 am
what part of the deal? what is he specifically -- how can we know? plus, he tweeted it. that's just weird. i have no idea what he mens. where he's going to be hamstrung is as a pro-business president, donald trump is going to have challenges if he pushes against business, which wants to heavily and has for long wanted to gointo cuba and he suddenly says we're going to shut it down, that would be problematic for him. that puts him in an interesting position. but i can't tell from a tweet what he was thinking about. >> he's going to tweet more, we know that. >> that's a very good guess. >> soledad, governor, thank you for joining me. we have to take a break. >> coming up, the biggest cyber monday ever. 122 million people expected to shop online today after record sales over the weekend. we're going to take you live to an amazon distribution center for the calm before the sales storm. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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there may not be a lot of work getting done today at the office. well, there is here, but for you out there, more than 100 million people are expected to shop online today, making this cyber monday the biggest online shopping day in history. the discounts, of course, will be deep, and they come after a record breaking weekend of online shopping already. nbc's jo ling kent is live in robi robinsville, new jersey. theiy're working overtime. friday sales were massive. are they predicting today is going to be even bigger? >> yes, well, it certainly is going to be a record breaking day based off the numbers we saw over thanksgiving weekend. let me set the scene for you. we're inside an amazon fulfillment center. this entire warhouse is run not just by humans and employees and the nice people of amazon, but also robots picking and packing your stuff. over 28 football fields. when you place inorder, it com s s through here and comes down a
6:23 am
conveyer belt and is packed up and shipped to your home. it's very busy. amazon anticipates it's going to be a packed day. but we also know the average spend according to the national retail federation, is down about $10 or so, so people are spending pretty aggressively online. 44%, according to the national retail federation, bought over thanksgiving online, versus 40% in store. so we certainly see a turning point here. amazon very much hoping to take advantage of that, but target, walmart, other retailers nipping at their heels trying to make a dent in what amazon has so far until this year very much dominated. >> low, low prices that people can't resist. so for cyber monday, what are people looking for? where are the hottest deals? >> i want to show you some of the hottest deals across the industry today. you should be considering if you do want to spend money. we're looking at the samsung 40-inch tv. a big discount on that from pc richard and sons. you save about $350. we're also watching the roku
6:24 am
streaming device, saving $20 if you're on to streaming content on the big screen tv you might have. the playstation 3 at walmart, you can save about $70 there. about $149. at amazon, the echo, that's going for $140 online, give or take. that's about a $40 savings and finally, the iphone 5s, apple rarely putting their items up for sale, but at walmart, $149. that usually retails for about $450. what you see are these cyber monday deals are available today, but many have been available for the past couple weeks. in the case of amvaughn, they stretch out over time, same with j. crew, old navy, saying it's not just one day anymore. >> if steve jobs were alive today, he wouldn't believe it. an apple product on sale at walmart. times have changed. jo ling kent, thank you for joining us. after conceding and declaring that, quote, we have
6:25 am
to accept the results, the question is, why is the clinton campaign joining the recount effort? a close clinton confidante joins me next. ciation is going to make it happen by funding scientific breakthroughs, advancing public policy, and providing local support to those living with the disease and their caregivers. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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welcome back. you're watching msnbc. it's time now for your morning primer, everything you need to know to start your day. we begin this morning in havana, cuba. after a 21-gun salute, thousands have arrived to pay their respects to their former leader, fidel castro. after the cuban dictator died late friday at the age of 90. >> a shootout on new orleans' famous bourbon street killed a man and wounded nine others. it appears to have stemmed from an argument between two men and none of the victims were the intended targ lts. >> jury selection in the trial of dylann roof, the accused charleston church shooter, resumes after a judge ruled friday the 22-year-old is competent to face the death penalty. >> and this morning, filipino
6:29 am
police safely detonated a homemade bomb found in a garbage can found meters waw frame a u.s. embassy in manila. >> it was a big, big weekend for the nfl, but new yorkers weren't happy. tom brady garnered his 200th career win after the patriots defeated the beloved new york jets 22-17. >> and in a wild, if you haven't seen it, you better look now, in a wild sunday night game, kansas city topped denver with an overtime field goal that bounces off the upright and then it went through. all right, now let's dern to politics, where in one hour, the wisconsin election officials will be getting on a conference call to discuss a timeline for recounting the state's votes. it's an effort that could start as early as thursday. that's the result of action taken by green party candidate jill stein. she launched it after reports that there were unexpected results in three rust belt states that could in theory
6:30 am
swing the election to hillary clinton. nbc's blake mccoy is live in madison, wisconsin, now. what's the latest? >> well, stephanie, they admit that whatever the outcome of this recount is, it's unlikely to change the outcome of the election, but they want to do the recount to insure all of the voting was above board and there weren't any problems, especially in light of all the russian hacking that made headlines throughout the election. that teleconference is taking place this morning, taking place in this room here, and what this telecom frnls is all about is getting all 72 counties here in wisconsin who each run their own elections to come together and determine how exactly this recount is going to take place. and how long it's going to take. let's put up the results for the wisconsin election here on your screen. it's about 22,000 votes separating donald trump from hillary clinton. jill stein came in fourth with about 1% of the vote. she is the one who has initiated
6:31 am
this recount. she's not doing this thinking she was going to win wisconsin, but she said that the green party has a long history of insuring integrity in the election process and that's why she's come forward to push for this recount. after this moeeting here, we should have a clearer picture of how exactly this recount is going to take place in each of wisconsin's 72 counties. the hard deadline for this being done would seemingly be december 19th. that is when the electoral college is set to meet and cast their votes for president. >> it's not just jill stein. hillary clinton's team has signed on to the recount effort over the holiday weekend, but they made it very clear it wasn't their idea. mark elias wrote, quote, because we had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology, we had not planned to exercise this option ourselves but now that a recount has been initiated, we plan to
6:32 am
participate. neera tanden is president of the center for american progress and an informal adviser to hillary clinton. good morning. >> great to be with you. >> do you know of any evident that will show or has shown that the results were wrong in anyway wei, at least in the state of wisconsin? >> since election day, the vote total has changed. on election day, it was 27,000 votes. then it came down to 22,000 votes. as the campaign has said, as mark has said, no one has uncovered enough evidence to show that the vote would change. but jill stein decided to launch this recount, and obviously, the hillary clinton campaign wants to make sure that it's done fairly and we'll have representatives on the ground to do so. >> but you don't necessarily think it's going to change the result and put hillary in the white house. >> i don't know that it will do that. that's not the expectation. i think the real principle here is every vote should count. every election should be accurate. you know, i would say that from
6:33 am
donald trump's behavior over the weekend, does make one wonder what he's so worried about. i don't think he should -- the fact he's tweeting up a storm about this seems to me he's more anxious about this than anyone on the hillary clinton campaign. >> donald trump is without a doubt having his voice heard. i want to share what hillary said when she conceded. >> i want everyone to know that i respect the choice you make. we were asked if we would respect the outcome of the election. i will. >> does it surprise you that hillary wants to move forward with this since it seemed like she said let's just close this chapter and move on? >> let's be really clear about this. hillary clinton didn't ask for the recount. jill stein did. she's just saying she wants to make sure the process is followed and will have her representatives on the ground. i think actually hillary is
6:34 am
following through with exactly what she said, which is we want this election to be fair and accurate. every vote counts. she's not expecting a change in the results, but she does want to make sure that the votes are counted. and look, we did see in a course of two weeks wisconsin go from 27,000 to 22,000 just from a few counties changing a number of votes. so i think it's a good process to follow through, and if people have confidence in the election, i don't know what the worry is with just following through the process. if people think it's accurate, if the trump campaign thinks the numbers are accurate, president-elect trump thinks these things are accurate, i don't know why he's so anxious about it, why he needs to attack hillary about the results. >> have you spoken to hillary clinton about this? >> i have not spoken to her about this, but i have talked to a lot of people on the former campaign. >> besides wisconsin, there are other states in play here, michigan and pennsylvania. do you believe the clinton campaign will participate in
6:35 am
recount efforts there? >> well, as mark has said, if jill stein follows through with recounts in michigan and pennsylvania, that he and others will monitor those and participate in the recount process. but they're not filing recounts themselves. >> this just in, president-elect trump is going to be meeting with general petraeus today. from your perspective, what does this say, given the reason so many people know about general petraeus is because he mishandled, misused private information. given that that is his history, given what donald trump went after hillary clinton for and what so many people were uncomfortable with, the use of a private e-mail server, what does that say to you? >> look, there's been a lot of hypocrisy in the last few weeks. we learned last week that mike flynn had a privatet server that security folks, our governmental security folks, were anxious about, because of the
6:36 am
possibility of hacking. and the leak of confidential information. mike flynn is going to be the national security adviser for donald trump. i find that to be a blatant hypocrisy, but you know, i think that's up for the public to raise those concerns. >> when you look at where we are with president-elect donald trump, when you look back at what you have gone through with hillary clinton and the conflicts of interest, though we talk about them every day, "the new york times" did a massive expo say about the conflicts of interesting, donald trump says i'm going to follow the letter of the law, and that's says i'm a-okay, and he's able to thurn the page. what do you make of that? >> i reject that out of hand, actually. there fact is that the constitution has a clause, that says essentially, we can't have conflicts of interest with foreign governments. you can't have a president with
6:37 am
confl conflicts of interest with foreign gaumovernments. what "the new york times" did is show the array of conflicts of interest and frankly, efforts to profit off a potential donald trump presidency. he told the american people he was going to work for him, and he's looking at the presidency as an opportunity to make a buck, and it's outrageous. it's not just a personal outrage. it's part of the constulation. a lot of people are raising fundamental concerns about whether this is a conflicts of interest constitutional violation. that conversation is going to keep going. a lot of people are worried about it, and i expect at some point there will be litigation on issues like this. >> before we go, one of donald trump's campaign promise or ledges was to lock her up as it comes to hillary clinton. he's since backed away from that. if they go forward with the recount and it proves to be a thorn in donald trump's side,
6:38 am
which you know he doesn't like, are you concerned he could change his mind again and assign a special prosecutor? >> we don't live in a dictatorship. you don't get to say if somebody does something i don't like, like exercise their constitutional rights, insure a principle that every vote counts, i'm going to try to prosecute them. that is not how it works. that's actually not up to donald trump. i thought he was lying to his voters to be sad about it. it was a lie that he was going to lock her up. i reject to say that he was actually lying, but he was. then last week, he said he wasn't going to prosecute her and now he's threatening to prosecutor her if she takes part in a recount. this is not how democracy works. i think the american people will reject this kind of behavior. >> neera, thank you for joining me. neera tanden. >> be sure to stay with msnbc. green party presidential candidate jill stein will join thomas roberts today at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. but next, the giant new
6:39 am
expose we referenced into donald trump's global business and just how thorny the conflicts of interest are, from speaking to his indian business partners before the president to india, extraordinary.
6:40 am
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conflicts of interest, donald trump's global business empire has many lawmakers concerned, even his own party, for the potential conflicts of interest. "the new york times" did a deep dive on the issue of businessman president. finding business operations in 20 countries and ties between his building partners and government officials across the globe could create some thorny issues for president-elect donald trump. politically. joining me now is one of the leading writer of the piece, eric lipton. we know this, he's got business in 20 different countries, 500 businesses. donald trump says it's legal. his kids will run it. but let's take a look at them. i want to go to india first.
6:43 am
outside the u.s., he's got more projects in india than anywhere else. talk us through what he has going on there, because he actually met with his indian business partners who are tied to the government, he met with them after being elected before he spoke to president mohdi. there's questions at least around some of the permits there. >> he's got at least five projects going on in india, worth approximately $1.5 billion. it's not his own money. he's branded so his name has been given to these apartment buildings and office buildings, but he gets either a commission of the sales or a fee for his name. and he's very much involved and his family is involved in the marketing of these buildings. when you go to the website for the mumbai, india, trump tower, you see ivanka trump and donald trump. it's essentially a lifestyle sale. they want people to give them the opportunity to sort of live like the trumps. they're a central part of the proposal.
6:44 am
the issue that occurs is that when he's got all these permits for these project, he's not pursuing the permits, but there will be a certain amount of potential for the local officials in those places to maybe accelerate the permit issuance because they think maybe this is a way to build a relationship with the trump administration and the white house. we will accelerate this, give them a permit that they otherwise don't deserve. >> is that a similar case in the philippines? he's got that trump tower in manila, it's almost finished. other resorts there. but the business partner he works with in the philippines is a special envoy in terms of an informal government role to the united states. and we know that the president of the philippines, he wants the american troops out of that country. so how does this not get thorny? >> yeah, that's a very complicated situation in the philippines. real tension between the united states and the philippines in recent months after the president has authorized the killings of drug dealers. he wants to combat crime. everyone wants to combat crime,
6:45 am
but you usually have a trial before you execute someone. they have been executed drug dealers in the country. the state department has been extremely critical. human rights activists said they're violating human rights, and now donald trump is business partner with the envoy from the philippines to the united states. you wonder, well, can donald trump really go up against the president there and challenge the president if he's in business with the envoy to the united states in the philippines? another situation that's complicated. >> while this is unprecedented, does donald trump care? over the weekend, when peggy noonan said, you know, just as the "wall street journal," donald trump needs to not care about his businesses. it's time for him to be a patriot. we have heard this claim over and over. members of the republican party have said you need to put your business aside, but during the election, people asked for donald trump's taxes day in and day out. he didn't supply them and he won the election. so do these conflicts matter? >> in all these cases, from my
6:46 am
perspective, they're potential conflicts. he's not president yet. we don't know how he's going to act. in each of these countries, but to me, the problem is that it doesn't require him to do something that is intentionally seeking to benefit himself. it's that the other -- the people in the other countries may do something even if he doesn't ask for it. and so, i mean, you know, again, there have been suggestions that the only way for him to avoid all of these issues and not be plagued by constant stories that "the new york times," "the washington post," the "wall street journal" are going to write, is to liquidate his assets and let someone else manage them. that's a radical idea. i can't imagine he would do it. there would be tax consequences. that's his personal, trump brand. but that's the only way out of, for us as reporters, we feel compelled to look at these things and ask the questions. and we're going to have to do it until he -- throughout his presidency, unfortunately. >> or maybe he changes the attention and launches a tweet storm. thank you for joining me this
6:47 am
morning. great piece. >> thank you so much. coming up, after a polarizing world leader passes away, the world's reaction has been mixed. debbie wasserman schultz disagreed with president obama's stangs on cuba. the congresswoman joins me next. . [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collision. [burke] it happened. december 14th, 2015. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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new comments just moments ago from president-elect donald trump on cuba following the death of fidel castro. trump tweeting, quote, if cuba is unwilling to make a better keel for the cuban people, the cuban american people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate the deal. president obama said over the weekend, during my presidency, we have worked hard to put the past behind us, pursuing a future in which the relationship between our two countries is defined not by our differences but by the many things that we share as neighbors and friends. joining me now, democratic congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz of florida. good morning, congresswoman. >> great to be with you.
6:51 am
>> donald trump released a statement describing castro's legacy as one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering. i realize as a democratic congresswoman, president obama, that's your guy. donald trump, not so much your guy. but as someone who represents south florida where there are so many cuban americans, whose statement do you really prefer? >> well, i prefer my own statement, the one i put out following fidel castro's death. essentially, underscoring that the cuban people will benefit at least from putting behind them fidel castro's personal tyranny but still, unfortunately, ruled by his brother, the dictator raul castro and what this really is, stephanie, is an opportunity for the cuban people to have an opportunity to have human rights reform and to be able to engage in free and fair elections, to be able to elect their own
6:52 am
people and not worry about being oppressed for expressing their opinion or being imprisoned. what the united states role should be is to be a catalyst, especially now that we do have more of a relationship with them than we did before. to be a catalyst insisting on human rights reform, particularly if the relationship is going to advance, but frankly, what concerns me is that donald trump has business entanglements in cuba and so this is another example, a prime example of how his business entanglements and being aware of what's going on with his business and not having a blind trust and not being separated from his business is going to potentially impact his decision making as it relates to cuba. what happens if the people in cuba who he does business with, who most definitely have ties to the government because everything in cuba is tied to the government related to business and everything else, what happens when the government presses the trump administration
6:53 am
that his business is not going to be able to continue to make the profit or advance in the way that the trump companies expect it to? how do we know that's not going to affect donald trump's decision as president? we don't, and that's why it's a huge problem. >> we don't, and president-elect trump has said to us, he will separate things. that remains to be seen but in terms of policy, back in 2014, you were not so positive. you were not a proponent of president obama's policy changes as it related to cuba. you said that they were unearned changes. >> right. and i still feel that way. i still feel that way. i believe a relationship with the united states should be earned, but we need to, looking forward, make sure that through this opportunity, and opening we have now with the death of fidel castro that the united states engage in a way that helps press the cuban regime, which is still engaging in oppression, still engaging in imprisoning
6:54 am
political prisoners, imprisoning people for expressing their opinions. just in the wake of castro's death, the people who demonstrate, the women who demonstrate the ladies in white every monday were asked, basically told not to demonstrate yesterday in the wake of castro's death. we have an opportunity here to press cuba for more human rights reform because they engaged in none, even since the thawing of our relationship. >> congresswoman, immateri wanty on the idea of expressing one's opinion through voting and your thoughts on jill stein's recount effort. >> making anything we can do to make sure that there is more confidence than currently exists in the wake of this election, particularly since with pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, are all states where the margin has narrowed and essentially is razor thin, the jill stein campaign made a decision to pursue a recount.
6:55 am
they apparently intend to pay for it. hillary clinton's campaign rightfully so wants to be remitted by counsel to make sure the recount moves forward properly and that's a legal and perfectly acceptable avenue to pursue and if it gives more confidence to the outcome, then that's a good thing. >> let's talk about what the dnc needs to do, turn the page. howard dean wants the job. keith ellison wants the job. you said you're not going to weigh in but you believe the dnc chair should be a full-time position. >> no, no. >> excuse me then. >> that's not what i said. what i said is that there is a, and i'm not going to weigh in on who should be chair, but i said that there is a difference when the dnc members are choosing who to elect as chair between when the party has the white house and the infrastructure and the presidency behind them ask the role of the dnc chair versus when we do not.
6:56 am
so i believe that there are many dnc members that will feel more strongly about the role being full-time. i certainly did the job full-time. i did it more than full-time. but the definition that i think the dnc members will look for is someone who only has that job. now, some of them may not. it will be a campaign that will ensue but the bottom line is the dnc chair needs to be in a strong position to be able to prep the administration, push back, be the minority voice because while donald trump has said that he intends to drain the so-called swamp, he's in the process of siphoning the swamp into the white house between the hiring of steve bannon, between the nomination of candidates like nikki haley with no foreign policy experience to be united nations and secretary of education with no experience and
6:57 am
her sole mission has been to dismantle the public schools. the dnc chair is going to have a lot on their hand. >> thank you so much for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. we'll go live to wisconsin for the press conference where the recount will be officially requested this morning. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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once again, i'm back. i'm stephanie ruhle. right now, we follow three big stories. first, donald trump's recount rant. a tweet storm mocking jill stein's purr sul of a vosual of and saying he would have won the popular vote if those votes were not counted and plus -- cuba after castro. what will happen in one of the last communist countries while all eyes are on the internet. why? today i


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